20 February 2018

On This Day In Oasis History...

The video below is from February 20th 1998, when Oasis played a third night at the Budokan in Tokyo, Japan.

Tickets to all three shows sold out within days of going on sale, with over ninety percent selling on the first day.

During the afternoon of the second show, Liam was forced to cut short a shopping trip when he was mobbed by an enthusiastic crowd of over two hundred fans, in Shibuya in central Tokyo.

19 February 2018

Noel Gallagher's Latest Instagram Post

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Listen To John Kennedy's Musical Retrospective With Liam Gallagher On His Radio X Podcast

One of the greatest rock n roll frontmen in music history, Liam Gallagher, spoke to John Kennedy about his entire career to-date, his move to being a solo artist, how he feels about song writing with others and how he classes himself musically.

Click here for the various options to listen or to download the podcast.

Review: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds In Boston

Click here for a review of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds at the Boston Opera House in Boston, USA on Saturday.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds To Headline London's 'Greenwich Music Time'

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds will headline London's Greenwich Music Time on Sat 7th July at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.


Pre-sale: Thur 22nd Feb 9am here.
On sale: Fri 23rd Feb 9am here.

Liam Gallagher On Having His Teeth Pulled Out By German Police, Oasis, Beady Eye, Noel And More

The former Oasis singer is up for a Brit this week and riding high with a hit solo album. He may be ‘very zen’ at the moment, but he’s still got plenty to say about everything – including an infamous 2002 bar brawl and, of course, his brother Noel.

Click here to read the article in full.

Setlist, Pictures And Video: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds In Montreal

Setlist, pictures and video Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds will play at the Place des Arts in Montreal, Canada yesterday.

'The Right Stuff' was not played.

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Yet Another On This Day In Oasis History...

The videos below are from the Brit Awards on February 19th 1996 that took place at Earls Court in London.

Oasis won Best British Video for Wonderwall, (What's the Story) Morning Glory? Best British Album and Best British Group.

Another On This Day In Oasis History...

"Don't Go Away" is a song by English rock band Oasis from their third album, Be Here Now (1997), written by the band's lead guitarist Noel Gallagher. The song was released as a single only in Japan on February 19th 1998, peaking at number 48 on the Oricon chart. It was also a success in the United States, where it hit #5 on the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart in late 1997.


In a 1997 interview promoting Be Here Now, Noel Gallagher had the following to say about the song: "It's a very sad song about not wanting to lose someone you're close to. The middle eight I made up on the spot -- I never had that lyric until the day we recorded it: 'Me and you, what's going on?/ All we seem to know is how to show/ The feelings that are wrong.' It's after a row. Quite bleak."

"We put Burt Bacharach horns on because he was the master of break-up songs. I did all the string arrangements. I tried to keep them as simple as possible. I like the way Marc Bolan used them on Children Of The Revolution. People do remember string parts as separate hooklines, you know. You just don't want to use them slushily."


The cover of the single features the old Liverpool Speke Airport building. The airport is famous as the scene at which thousands of hysterical fans greeted The Beatles on their return to Liverpool at the height of Beatlemania. Derelict at the time, it has now been turned into an exclusive hotel.


The live version of "Cigarettes & Alcohol" was recorded 14 December 1997 at the G-MEX Exhibition Centre in Oasis' home town of Manchester.

"Sad Song" originally appeared as a bonus track on the vinyl release of the first Oasis album, Definitely Maybe. It also appeared on the Japanese CD edition of Definitely Maybe.

The 'Warchild' version of "Fade Away" is from the 'HELP' album recorded in September 1995. It features Noel on vocals, and guests Johnny Depp on guitar, Kate Moss on tambourine and Liam and Lisa Moorish on backing vocals.

All proceeds from that track went to Warchild Charities.

Track listing

CD: Epic/Sony Music / ESCA-6948 Japan
"Don't Go Away" - 4:43
"Cigarettes & Alcohol" (Live from GMEX, Manchester, December 14, 1997) - 4:58
"Sad Song" - 4:16
"Fade Away" [Warchild version] - 4:08
(featuring Johnny Depp on guitar & Lisa Moorish on additional vocals)

On This Day In Oasis History...

"Don't Look Back in Anger" is a song by the British rock band Oasis, written by the band's guitarist, Noel Gallagher. Released as the fourth single from their hit second album (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, on February 19th 1996.

The song became the band's second single to reach #1 in the United Kingdom charts, where it also went platinum. "Don't Look Back in Anger" was also the first Oasis single to feature Noel on lead vocals instead of his brother, Liam Gallagher. The title is perhaps a play on the song "Look Back in Anger", from David Bowie's Lodger album or on the play, Look Back in Anger by John Osborne, from which Bowie's song took inspiration.

Music video

The video for the song, directed by Nigel Dick, features Patrick Macnee, the actor who played John Steed in the 1960s television series The Avengers, apparently a favourite of the band. While filming the video, drummer Alan White met future wife Liz Atkins. They were married 13 August 1997 at Studley Priory Hotel, Oxfordshire but later divorced. Macnee has no recollection of the filming of the video.


Noel said of the song, "[It] reminds me of a cross between All the Young Dudes and summat the Beatles might've done." Of the character "Sally" referred to in the song he commented, "I don't actually know anybody called Sally. It's just a word that fitted, y'know, might as well throw a girl's name in there. It's gotta guarantee somebody a shag off a bird called Sally, hasn't it?". Noel claims that the character "Lyla", from Oasis' 2005 single is the sister of Sally. In the interview on the DVD released with the special edition of Stop the Clocks, Noel also revealed that a girl approached him and asked him if Sally was the same girl as in The Stone Roses' track "Sally Cinnamon". Noel replied that he'd never thought of that, but thought it was good anyway.

Noel admits that certain lines from the song are lifted from John Lennon: "I got this tape in the United States that had apparently been burgled from the Dakota Hotel and someone had found these cassettes. Lennon was starting to record his memoirs on tape. He's going on about 'trying to start a revolution from me bed, because they said the brains I had went to my head.' I thought 'Thank you, I'll take that'!" "Revolution from me bed" most likely refers to Lennon's infamous bed-ins in 1969, both in the quote and in the song. The piano during the intro of the song highly resembles Lennon's "Imagine". Like many other popular songs,the chord progression for both the verse and the chorus are based on the classical piece Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel. The songs only differ slightly at the end of each phrase. Gallagher also admits that he was under the influence of substances when he wrote the song, and to this day he claims he does not know what it means.

The song has become a favourite at Oasis' live performances. Noel encourages the crowd to sing along and often keeps quiet during the chorus, allowing the fans instead to sing along while he focuses on his guitar playing. The volume of crowd noise that usually descends on the chorus at concerts is easily audible on the rendition of "Don't Look Back in Anger" on Familiar to Millions. During the Dig Out Your Soul Tour the song has been played acoustically at a slower rate by Noel. Which surprised some fans, but it is still sung by all the fans.

In a 2006 radio interview, Liam Gallagher said that it was he who came up with the line "so Sally can wait" as Noel was struggling with that particular line at the time. Noel confirms this on the bonus DVD, entitled Lock the Box, released with the Stop the Clocks retrospective album. In the interview with Colin Murray, Noel admits, "I was doing it in the sound check and the so Sally bit, I wasn't singing that...and he [Liam] says, 'Are you singing so Sally can wait?' and I said, 'No.' and he said, 'Well you should do.'"

Noel was so excited of the potential of the song when he first wrote it, he used an acoustic set to perform a work-in progress version, without the second verse and a few other slight lyrical differences to the finished version, at an Oasis concert at the Sheffield Arena on April 22, 1995, saying before playing that he'd only written it the previous Tuesday (April 18, 1995) and that he didn't even have a title for it.

Track listing
CD CRESCD 221 (re-issued as RKISCD 018)
"Don't Look Back In Anger" - 4:48
"Step Out" - 3:40
"Underneath the Sky" - 3:20
"Cum on Feel the Noize" - 5:09

7" CRE 221
"Don't Look Back In Anger" - 4:48
"Step Out" - 3:40

12" CRE 221T
"Don't Look Back In Anger" - 4:48
"Step Out" - 3:40
"Underneath the Sky" - 3:20

Cassette CRECS 221
"Don't Look Back In Anger" - 4:48
"Step Out" - 3:40

CD re-issue (US) 34K78356
"Don't Look Back in Anger" - 4:48
"Cum On Feel The Noize" - 5:09

18 February 2018

An Interview With Liam Gallagher Is In 'The Guardian' Tomorrow

An interview with Liam Gallagher is in 'The Guardian' tomorrow, I think it's the one they asked fans to submit questions for.

Video: Liam Gallagher Playing 'Wonderwall' On The Roof Of Radio X

Below is a video of Liam Gallagher playing 'Wonderwall' on the roof of Radio X's London studio on Monday 12 February.

Noel Gallagher's Latest Instagram Post

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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Land In Montreal

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds will play at the Place des Arts in Montreal, Canada later today.

Liam Gallagher: My First Gig With Oasis Was Horrible

Liam Gallagher has been talking to Radio X’s John Kennedy about his long and illustrious career as a musician… but reckons his first ever gig fronting Oasis wasn’t that good.

Setlist, Video And Pictures: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds In Boston

Below is the setlist for Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds at the Boston Opera House in Boston, USA yesterday.

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